'No Song Without You' music video

In 2020 I worked with Warner Music, Atlantic Records and HONNE over several months to produce a series of music and lyric videos. The videos were made for the release of their new mixtape/abum, 'No Song Without You'. The above video was the first music video I created for the campaign.
I directed and animated all the videos, creating a character universe to tell stories with each song. I also illustrated the album cover and produced images to be used in promotional material. 

NSWY Album Cover

'By My Side', one of the 14 lyric videos I directed and animated. 

'Free Love' music video

For the 'Free Love' video above, I worked with live action footage. This was a new approach for me, but a rewarding process. I found when working in this way, it took lots of planning and thinking through - even more so than usual!

A Christmas animated video for HONNE

Another of the 14 lyric videos for HONNE.

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